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Artist: Wolf Kahn, Original Paintings and Pastels on Paper, Naples, Florida

Wolf Kahn (b. 1927) is widely regarded as one of America's most prominent and influential landscape painters. An intense involvement with light and color dominates his paintings, and redefines the world of nature. Subject matter is used as a testing ground for Kahn's concepts of color, organization and structure. His startling palette is responsible in large part for the power of his work. The paintings are often grand in scale, yet the tonalities may be soft luminous hues. At other times the works are blunt and bold with colors that vibrate in intensity.

Wolf Kahn was born in Stuttgart Germany and immigrated to the United States in 1940. In the late 1940’s he studied painting at the famous Hans Hofmann school in New York – a breeding ground for ambitious painters. Together with such artists as Fairfield Porter, Elaine de Kooning and Larry Rivers, Wolf Kahn in the 1950’s emerged as a member of the representational wing of a wave of abstract expressionism. His art continued to evolve and by the late 1960’s had emerged into fully chromatic mature works.

Kahn's paintings today offer a successful resolution of the language of abstraction together with a perception of landscape. They are the contemporary manifestation of a long tradition of American painting that runs from George Inness and Albert Pinkham Ryder in the nineteenth century through Milton Avery and Mark Rothko in the twentieth century.

Wolf Kahn Paintings
Wolf Kahn: Dark Beaver Pond   Wolf Kahn: Weathered Hollow   Wolf Kahn: Young Corn Beside the Connecticut River   Wolf Kahn: Murph's Jetty
Dark Beaver Pond View from Harvey’s Deck Cove Young Beech Trees
Wolf Kahn: Green Bushes on Pink   Wolf Kahn: Pink Sky   Wolf Kahn: Ochre Barn Ochre Bush   Wolf Kahn: Near Yosemite
Green Bushes on Pink Pink Sky Barn in Light and Shadow On a Base of Yellow
Wolf Kahn: Long Orange Wedge   Wolf Kahn: At the Base of the Sierra   Wolf Kahn: Across My Pond   Wolf Kahn: Two Cupola Barn
Long Orange Wedge Up Selden Creek Across My Pond Two Cupola Barn
Wolf Kahn Pastels
Wolf Kahn: Edge of the Wheatfield   Wolf Kahn: Black Salt Box   Wolf Kahn: Low Trees on a Winter’s Day   Wolf Kahn: Passing
Two Barns in the Hamptons Orange River, Yellow Sky After the Fog Burns Off the Meadow White House Gray Trees
Wolf Kahn: Red Hill   Wolf Kahn: Casco Bay Silence   Wolf Kahn: Gray Roof   Wolf Kahn: Up the Hill to Our House
Dunklee’s Barn Along the Pond View of My Studio and Beyond Up the Hill to Our House

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